The YIMBY Argument for Sustainability

YIMBY Homes, LLC is a creative enterprise solution to the social and environmental problems of skyrocketing rents, residential energy overuse, demolition and construction waste, and suburban sprawl. We design, build, and assemble backyard homes that are beautiful, affordable, and sustainable. YIMBY stands for YES in My Back Yard.


The Problems We Address: Rents are skyrocketing in popular American cities. Meanwhile, American homes get bigger and bigger while family sizes get smaller and smaller. Home energy use spirals toward greater inefficiency simply by the math of square feet per capita.

Our Solution: YIMBY’s affordable backyard accessory dwelling units (ADUs) provide new housing supply where it is needed most, in popular cities facing housing shortages. We support urban density and shrink living spaces, reducing energy use and carbon footprints. YIMBY turns excess backyard space into affordable urban housing and moves renters into smaller spaces that are designed for comfort and maximum efficiency. We shift production from the inefficient job site to the lean factory, and we build green. Smart metering, tank-less water heaters, onsite renewables, everything is designed as close to net zero as possible. Millennials get a cool new housing option, rent prices fall, and emissions per person drop.

Our Sustainable Competitive Advantage: YIMBY’s innovations in design, manufacturing and assembly serve all three pillars of our triple-bottom-line approach. Our social, environmental and financial goals do not conflict with each other; they are in harmony. Our panel-based designs shorten construction times, reduce environmental impact, and improve revenues. Our lean factory production process lowers sales prices, reduces waste, and lowers the cost of goods sold. Our smart green features delight customers, improve energy efficiency, and improve profit margins. The end result is a triple bottom line victory for people, planet and profit.

Our Elevator Pitch: YIMBY stands for YES IN MY BACK YARD.

We design and build backyard homes that are BEAUTIFUL, SUSTAINABLE, and AFFORDABLE.

West Coast Rents are OUT OF CONTROL. We need NEW HOUSING.

People are ADAPTING by building backyard homes, or ADUs to rent out. But the process is SLOW - and prices are HIGH.

YIMBY DRIVES DOWN prices by 40% and SPEEDS the PROCESS by 75% by shifting from the CONSTRUCTION SITE to the PRODUCTION FACILITY.

Portland is the PERFECT PLACE to launch YIMBY, with 2500 early adopters and STRONG SUPPORT from City Hall.

And Portland’s just the BEGINNING. We are going to TRANSFORM housing markets in Portland, LA, ANYPLACE people are ready to say YES IN MY BACK YARD: YIMBYHomes.com

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