YIMBY Homes traces its roots back to Portland State University, where graduate students and professors in sustainability, design, architecture and business administration have been exploring creative solutions to the ongoing housing crisis within popular West Coast cities.

Our research has led us to a design solution that solves five problems simultaneously:

1. Lack of housing supply in popular urban neighborhoods

2. Challenge of saving for retirement

3. Carbon footprint of supersized living spaces

4. High prices for custom backyard homes

5. Challenges of transporting modular homes in urban areas

Our "Yes in My Back Yard" YIMBY Homes represent a triple-bottom-line solution for social, financial and environmental sustainability. Our product is a panel-based modular accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, manufactured in a controlled production facility and assembled in the backyard. YIMBY Homes increase property values and generate steady cash flow to the homeowner, while increasing the supply of modern, urban housing.

Our Co-Founders
Chad Wallace

Co-Founder and CTO

Chad is an award-winning designer who has worked on commercial and residential projects in Italy, New York, and California. He has extensive experience in developing small home and ADU designs with two of Portland’s top architectural firms and with the Portland State University Center for Public Interest Design.

Ben Jacklet

Co-Founder and CEO

Ben is a writer, editor, and entrepreneur who earned his MBA from Portland State University in June 2018. He  has conducted dozens of in-depth research interviews to validate the YIMBY Homes business concept and market prior to launch, and he is the lead author of the YIMBY Homes Business Plan.

Our Chief Operating Officer
Scott Mears


Scott Mears has 37 years of experience in the construction industry. He is a master electrician and a seasoned decision-maker with 15 years of senior level executive leadership. He earned his MBA from Portland State University in 2016.

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